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Paint Faux Wood Floor

wood graining paint tool and glaze

This is a great DIY project to give your cement floor a rustic makeover—without breaking the bank!! The cost of re-tiling this basement floor with faux wood tiles was an estimated $5,000. I was able to paint the cement to resemble the same wood tile I found at the home improvement store, spending a mere $300. Guess what—you can too!

In order to do this project, your concrete floor must be very clean. First, I sanded, vacuumed, and filled in any cracks and holes with cement filler (which is available at any home improvement store). Follow along as I give a step-by-step guide on how to create a stunning faux wood with paint. This technique isn't limited to floors: It can also be used on walls and furniture. As a frame of reference, the space I worked with was 600 sq FT. Please adjust your supplies to whatever sized space you’re working with.


  • 1 gallon Low Sheen Benjamin Moore Porch and Floor Paint

  • 3 sample pint paints: 1 in Cloud White, 1 Deep Creek & 1 in Topeka Taupe

  • 2 quarts of Acrylic Glaze

  • Wood grain tool (you can purchase these online, or at a home supply store)

  • Rolls of painter’s tape

  • 1 gallon acrylic polyurethane low luster sheen (Clear Coat)... I like Benjamin Moore's.

glazing medium and pints of Benjamin moore paint

Paint your designated area with the Porch and Floor Paint, and allow to dry. Then, mix up your three pint colors (the Cloud White, Deep Creek, and Topeka Taupe) in separate containers, each with the acrylic glaze. For each container, you will want a ratio of one part paint to three parts glaze.

a piece of wood tile from Lowes Home and Improvment in Summerville, South Carolina

Here is the tile I found at the home improvement store. I used it as a template to mark the entire floor with my faux wood design. I suggest purchasing one to use as a stencil and guide.

brushing out the glazing medium with faux brush

You’ll want to tape off the tile section you’re painting. Next, take your Topeka Taupe/glazing mixture, and brush it across the taped area.


Then, brush across the taped area with the Deep Creek Glaze, and then finally the Cloud White.

How to use Wood Graining Paint Tool Decoration DIY on your floor

Now take your wood grain tool and drag it across the glaze mixture. Allow to dry and remove the tape.

Now work your way across the floor, taping alternating sections in a tile pattern. Be sure that the Porch and Floor base has dried before painting on your glaze mixture. Yes, this part will be time-consuming, but oh so worth it: by the end, you’ll have what looks like an authentic wood floor, at a sixth of the price!
beautiful hand painted faux wood floors on concrete
beautiful hand painted faux wood floors on concrete

I love to see your projects! Please share what you created with your wood grain tool 🙂

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