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Hi, I’m Jessica. I’m more than a painter. I am an artist who wants to bring beauty and serenity into your home. I believe the home is a sacred space, and beautiful walls can bring the restorative energy that we all need. I want to invigorate your décor and infuse your unique style into your design.

I specialize in decorative painting and plaster techniques. From Natural Lime Plasters to beautiful Hand Painted Murals, I can create anything your walls need! My love for mural painting first brought me into this industry, and my passion grew with each job I completed. I am based in Charleston, but can travel wherever you need me to be!

Over the past 10 years, I have helped hundreds of clients from all over the country create amazing backdrops. If you’re ready to revolutionize your living or working space, you’re in the best hands.

my approachtime to create

First, I listen.

I start with an honest chat with you. I want to understand your overall vision for the project, and align it with my own. We highlight what makes your space unique, choose key colors and design elements, and go over which techniques to use.

Then, we plan.

With a clear understanding of my client’s desired outcome, my team and I produce samples of the project. Samples are precisely rendered to represent what the final result will be.

Lastly, we create.

My work comes with a commitment to 100% quality artistry. I pride myself on both my professionalism, and my record of client satisfaction. For me, the job isn’t done until it gets your seal of approval.

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